July 2, 2010


this lil' ol' blog is going on hiatus for a bit. i haven't been able to keep up with school and posting, so for now i'll refer you to my website, www.michelle-kunz.com, until i have a bit more time for the fun stuff.

thanks for reading this far, and see you again sometime soon. :)


May 17, 2010


i'm about to start school again and thought i'd better update this here blog before i don't have any time...again.

i took a little trip to austin with C and had some fun with the amazing texas light. i love going to a new place because no matter how mundane the environment, it is new and therefore interesting and exciting. inspiring, even.

lone star is clearly the drink of choice for texans.



but margaritas are pretty good, too.


red shoes at the continental club


May 12, 2010

New Website!

I just launched a new website: www.michelle-kunz.com for my commercial and personal work. Mishina Photography will transition into weddings and portraits.  Check it out when you have a chance!

A few screen shots:

screen shot4

screen shot3

screen shot2

screen shot1

March 11, 2010

it's been a while...

art school has been keeping me busy. i am exhausted, and so incredibly happy to be doing what i love full time. more than full time, actually. like every waking moment of every single day. it's intense, but oh so amazing.

i thought my personal life would really suffer, but every now and then i get to hang out with a friend and do homework AT THE SAME TIME.  and, when that happens, life is truly wonderful. :)


December 13, 2009


from a fashion test shoot late last month...







model: marie-lyn deja
makeup: inara lopetaite
stylist: amanda richardson
special thanks to taslimur! :)

October 7, 2009

A Favorite Place

2009_9_6_BathAndBeach_107 copy
2009_9_6_BathAndBeach_066 copy
2009_9_6_BathAndBeach_055 copy

Faery Hunt at Griffith Park

Not too long ago, my friend Rosanna invited me to go to a "Faery Hunt" in Griffith Park with her sister, two nieces, and her friend and her friend's daughter. The Faery Hunt is an interactive play, where the kids (mostly little girls under the age of 6)  follow a faery guide through the "forest" (aka: picnic area of Griffith Park) as they searched for the Faery Queen, encountering trolls, gnomes, and a weird hybrid bird-beast. It was an insanely hot day, but all the adorableness made up for it. :)

2009_8_29_FaeryHunt_060 copy
2009_8_29_FaeryHunt_108 copy
2009_8_29_FaeryHunt_067 copy
2009_8_29_FaeryHunt_124 copy